Washington D.C . 24-26 | Manhattan NY 26-31

Hi Boys!!!

I am here on the road again and would love to meet you. Come spoil me and lets spend some time together. I would love to meet you! Please take a look at my ad on ErosGuide.com or email please. Let’s take the time to say hello.

Love you and see you soon,



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Hello Fans and Friends,

After a long hiatus I have emerged with an insatiable appetite and I am currently attending to some personal matters and surgeries I want to have this year. Time and mother nature have been very kind to me and so have you. Please don’t forget to catch me this time around. I often get emails from you asking me:

* When will you tour again?
* I am sorry I missed you when I was visiting (Town)
* I am sorry I never got the chance to see you when you were in (City) 6 years ago
* I never got the chance because I was broke

So here it is… Make some time, take out a personal loan, ask your mom for an allowance, sell that old comic book collection, sell your nude images… But please make some time to come see me.

NEW YORK February 06 – 13
Philadelphia February 13 – 16

More dates to be announced !

You can pre-book your appointments by sending me an email. I strongly suggest this if you have a specific time in mind or want to make sure you don’t miss me.
I am also available to travel at your request, if want to book me to come to your town for a night of fun and breakfast in bed, or a weekend getaway I am sooooo game !


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Recent Picture Hope you like it !

Don’t forget to follow me on twitter @sexchangegirl


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Please Help Me with my Silicone Removal Consultation !

Hello Everyone,

Over 10 years ago I was better known as Holly Gramm, a drag queen performer in Florida. As my career progressed I was talked into getting illigal and free flowing silicone augumentations to hips and parts of my face. It has now been eight years since my sexual reasigment surgery and the fat distribution on my body has changed drasticly and things are starting to change. I have been getting a warming sensation and some redness in the areas I had the “treatments” and it is starting to concern me. I consider myself lucky as my case isn’t severe however, I see many of my sisters who are in need of much needed medical attention and it worries me. I am concerned for my health as well as arising long term physical issues if I will continue to have this gunk inside me. Doctors did not have the experience to treat patients like me a few years back, as women usually feel discriminated against or are turned away for fear of liability however, I recently found a recosntructive plastic surgeon in Miami ALBERTO S. GALLERANI, M.D. who has extensive experience removing and improving patients lives. The costs of the consultation will be as followed:

1) MRI $350 – this will show the doctor where the silicone is and what is it’s condition.
2) Consultation Fee $250
3) Gas and Hotel ( Orlando to Miaimi )

I apprecaite any help and your support is always very appreciated. I have decided to document my jeourney extensively and will share it on my blog to help girls like myself who are going through this same issue.

PLEASE DONATE HERE: http://www. gofundme .com/9c2qpg ( Copy and remove spaces when pasting it into your browser )

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R.I.P. Erica Andrews



Words cannot describe how sorry I am for the loss of one of my idols today.

Since I was a very young queen I wanted to be just like Erica. I met her a few times

during the taping of Maury Povich and she was just amazing. Her light, her energy

was contagious. She inspired me in so many levels. What a talented devine human being!

I love you Erica ~ till the day we meet once again !

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Happy Birthday to ME!

Happy Birthday to me! Today marks the 6th year since my re-birth. Not many people can say they have lived two lives in just one lifetime. I feel like that a lot, as if I am a split soul traveling in one vessel, at times cramped and small…LOL
It is unbelievable how time flies and how much happier and fulfilled I am after my complete transition. I often get asked why I did it and if I regret it, I have a simple answer. I did it because it was only logical, and to me it was important that I see myself in the mirror as I always wanted to see myself. Do I ever regret it? I rarely think of the past. There was a time when I dwelled in the past and it would always eat me up inside, so I see no logic in doing so, but when I do stop and think sometimes what my life would have been like had I not undergone the change and remained a boy. I am extremely content with my new life and continue to thank the higher power for sending Dr. Suporn down to the mortal world. May he have many more blessed years. May him and his family have health and prosperity.


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Trying to fix my credit

Hello world!

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A couple new pictures for you guys

IMG_3156 IMG_3327 IMG_2944 IMG_3093 IMG_2845

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Just saying hello

Hello boys and girls,

I am stopping by to say that I am still here. I had to take some time off to concentrate on taking care of my personal life. After I returned from Brasil my credit was screwed up, I owed even your mom money. I am almost done paying it all back and on my way to better credit history. Just trying to fix the mess I made when I left.

Things in Florida are going well, we are trying to sell my house in Brasil and hopefully buy something here, not sure if it’s here in Orlando or a bit more South.

Life’s a little busy as usual…

Dating is well…still the same ~ None existant LOL To be quite honest I could use a good friend right now, to laugh with, to go to concerts, dinners, good laughs… But life seems to have other plans right now, so I must continue to march.

I hope you all are doing well and thank you for always caring about me ~ Oh and I changed my hair


IMG_3371 IMG_3181 IMG_3136


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To whom this may concern…

Out of respect I have replaced the entry about you with this.

I know you are reading…


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