I am always looking for new talent… Men, women ( who work with trans ), transsexuals and bisexuals


1: Live in Florida, close enough, or able to travel.
2: Have a current industry standard STD test – visit their webpage for drawing stations near you TalentTestingService.com
3: Be horny and willing to have sex in front of others
4: Have a photogenic cock
5: Be fit | Muscles are not a requirement
6: Love Pussy and dick ( for men and women )
7: Love adult film and being an exhibitionist
8: If you need discretion I also do POV style shoots where the man holds the camera, I have a glory hole…etc… But you will still have to fill out a release which will be kept confidential.

I am not looking for ” Stallions “. In my personal life I hook up with normal, everyday, average Joe types. I am not superficial and I do not like guys who spend more time in the bathroom then I do. I love a wash and go kinda guy. Please do not hesitate to send in your reply.

If you think you got what it takes send your photos to: sexchangegirl@gmail.com


We are always looking for girls pre and post ops for solo shoots in Florida or able to travel.

Please send in your photos for consideration. sexchangegirl@gmail.com


If you are into or willing to work with transsexual women in films please do send in your pictures as well. I absolutely love to do scenes with GG and I know many other of my network hot girlfriends who love pussy as well. Send in your pictures for consideration sexchangegirl@gmail.com

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  1. I saw you are prety and beautiful.All your appiarance 100% as a woman. Good luck and succes.

    • Thanks Tina,
      I would say I am more like 90% woman, there will always be that lil bit that will never be all there. I like it that way. I have a lot or respect for genetic females, I am just me. I always say we trans are the 3rd gender.

  2. Shouldn’t it be titled “Become” a model? If its “became” doesn’t that mean they already did it?

    • Thank you for correcting my spelling, excuse my Brasilianess… Did you know Brasil is spelled with an S and not a Z? lol
      I will correct it thank you,


  3. lol. np. just trying to help out.

  4. Hi gorgeous Danielle!!!
    Before your SRS, you were very beautiful and now after your sex change surgery, I find you a lot more sexier and attractive!!!
    I really like you.

  5. from peru i really like srs women they are too hot

  6. Don’t you think maybe if
    you start working with
    some average guys it may
    increase your fan base.
    Not to mention your
    client roster for your
    companionship services.
    Me as an admirer and a
    fan I want to be able
    relate to guy that doing
    what I wish I was. Plus
    maybe if guys like me
    knew we could please you
    and we would not be as
    intimidated. Which equals
    Danielle having more sex
    and a awesome personal

  7. Danielle you are amazing, keep up the great work and i’ll keep being a huge fan.

  8. I would love to work with you! Someday I hope our paths cross and we can film something together!

  9. i Danielle i french fan you are very sexy girl and i dream to make love with you kiss 😉

  10. i wish that i can met you one day,i will eat your pussy

  11. do u like army guys

  12. You are a very beautiful woman such seductive eyes and i love the way your hair falls over your face.

    Oh and im a Army 🙂

  13. i am big fan from turkey …

  14. Dear Danielle you are very attractive I stand 5-6 but I look like the wrestler
    the rock do you want to work together ?

  15. ok, i have some pics of myself black cock and i would love to work with you Danielle, i’m living in Miami now but plan to move out west soon. i’ll email you tonight sweet heart. and by the way i hope to make a porn video with you my love.

  16. I wish I had the guts to get SRS and to have a body like yours. Good luck with all your future things you do in life.

  17. hey danielle this is PEACHES frm Atl on shemale-club.com idk if you still know who i am but plz plz plz call me well Email me lkimorah@yahoo.com so i can give you my number so i can call you or give me your number lol and i miss you soooooo damn much and i luv you girl……i hope you remember me lol well just hit me and I LUV YOU SO MUCH and i luv you site too 832 890 1820 dats my cell

  18. Hi Danielle I was wondering if you ever work with nerdy men before or even interested?

    • I loooooove nerds!

  19. I sent in a photo and was interested in shooting some scenes.

    • where did you send it to?

  20. I sent it to the email address listed above with my name and nerdy in the subject.

  21. Looove you Danielle! Brilliant b4 change, even better now. Keep up the good work beautiful. Danny, Ireland. x

  22. As the butterflies fly, as you ride the mares as a bumblebee and I would bite your ass …
    hopefully it’s a joke do not go mad
    Leer fonéticamente
    Diccionario – Ver diccionario detalladoadverbio0.again0.back0.anew0.afresh

  23. Danielle,
    For quite some time I have believed you are the most beautiful creation put on this earth. Both before and after your transition. I have been a fan of yours for just as long.. I would certainly be interested in working in scenes. Just some things I need to discuss before my application is sent.. Jusqu’ à notre conversation belle

  24. Hi Ms. Foxxx I was wondering if you got my email about modeling?

  25. Hi Danielle,

    You are an inspiration. Congrats on the new bits 😉 I was looking through the web to find a site to show my partner that everything works after SRS. Then I found your site! OMG! She didn’t realise how well it works. Neither did I. I can’t wait.. 🙂

    Nikki xx

  26. Hey ms. Foxx
    I really want to be in one of ur videos ..its like a fantasy so hit me up

  27. Hi Danielle,l love you so much . i am from pakistan and i am also a big fan

  28. Hi Danielle

    Nice to to see a smile on your face

  29. Hi…

    danielle these are my platonic love God let me know if you might send me to mail some photos. Thanks…..one kiss

  30. hola danielle me equivoque en el mail anterior mi email es este .I love

  31. I think u r very gorgeous and I would love to b a model for you

  32. Hi danielle, Im your big fans!! Love you so much..mmuah.
    how you feel after u did sex change surgery?
    is it feel like have real pussy..I mean is does it feel more stimulate than have cock?

  33. hey danielle i am a big fan of youres i wtach all of youre movies i have always wanted to get fucked of a trans and fuck a trans just never had th oportunity i live in the UK so obviously no chance of me ever meeting you i realy apreciete your work and respect youre work to keep up the good work i will always keep watching for youre new movies and stuff coming out hopefully my dream will come true one day and i could possibly meet you love danny x x x

  34. Hi Danielle.

    I am very inspired by you because I am planning to have srs in the future.
    but I am very concerned of the future .
    I mean, I wonder what I can do for living after srs. I wonder I can get a job for living as girl.
    I wonder I can get a boy friend who can take care of me. I am very nervous but I want to do srs.
    Can I be a sexy porn star like you after srs. I am 42 asian transgender but looks very young and
    I also plan to have a facial plastic surgery too.
    I need more talk with you.



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