Happy Birthday to ME!

Happy Birthday to me! Today marks the 6th year since my re-birth. Not many people can say they have lived two lives in just one lifetime. I feel like that a lot, as if I am a split soul traveling in one vessel, at times cramped and small…LOL
It is unbelievable how time flies and how much happier and fulfilled I am after my complete transition. I often get asked why I did it and if I regret it, I have a simple answer. I did it because it was only logical, and to me it was important that I see myself in the mirror as I always wanted to see myself. Do I ever regret it? I rarely think of the past. There was a time when I dwelled in the past and it would always eat me up inside, so I see no logic in doing so, but when I do stop and think sometimes what my life would have been like had I not undergone the change and remained a boy. I am extremely content with my new life and continue to thank the higher power for sending Dr. Suporn down to the mortal world. May he have many more blessed years. May him and his family have health and prosperity.


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