Just saying hello

Hello boys and girls,

I am stopping by to say that I am still here. I had to take some time off to concentrate on taking care of my personal life. After I returned from Brasil my credit was screwed up, I owed even your mom money. I am almost done paying it all back and on my way to better credit history. Just trying to fix the mess I made when I left.

Things in Florida are going well, we are trying to sell my house in Brasil and hopefully buy something here, not sure if it’s here in Orlando or a bit more South.

Life’s a little busy as usual…

Dating is well…still the same ~ None existant LOL To be quite honest I could use a good friend right now, to laugh with, to go to concerts, dinners, good laughs… But life seems to have other plans right now, so I must continue to march.

I hope you all are doing well and thank you for always caring about me ~ Oh and I changed my hair


IMG_3371 IMG_3181 IMG_3136


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