Hello Fans and Friends,

After a long hiatus I have emerged with an insatiable appetite and I am currently attending to some personal matters and surgeries I want to have this year. Time and mother nature have been very kind to me and so have you. Please don’t forget to catch me this time around. I often get emails from you asking me:

* When will you tour again?
* I am sorry I missed you when I was visiting (Town)
* I am sorry I never got the chance to see you when you were in (City) 6 years ago
* I never got the chance because I was broke

So here it is… Make some time, take out a personal loan, ask your mom for an allowance, sell that old comic book collection, sell your nude images… But please make some time to come see me.

NEW YORK February 06 – 13
Philadelphia February 13 – 16

More dates to be announced !

You can pre-book your appointments by sending me an email. I strongly suggest this if you have a specific time in mind or want to make sure you don’t miss me.
I am also available to travel at your request, if want to book me to come to your town for a night of fun and breakfast in bed, or a weekend getaway I am sooooo game !


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