Hello Everyone,

Over 10 years ago I was better known as Holly Gramm, a drag queen performer in Florida. As my career progressed I was talked into getting illigal and free flowing silicone augumentations to hips and parts of my face. It has now been eight years since my sexual reasigment surgery and the fat distribution on my body has changed drasticly and things are starting to change. I have been getting a warming sensation and some redness in the areas I had the “treatments” and it is starting to concern me. I consider myself lucky as my case isn’t severe however, I see many of my sisters who are in need of much needed medical attention and it worries me. I am concerned for my health as well as arising long term physical issues if I will continue to have this gunk inside me. Doctors did not have the experience to treat patients like me a few years back, as women usually feel discriminated against or are turned away for fear of liability however, I recently found a recosntructive plastic surgeon in Miami ALBERTO S. GALLERANI, M.D. who has extensive experience removing and improving patients lives. The costs of the consultation will be as followed:

1) MRI $350 – this will show the doctor where the silicone is and what is it’s condition.
2) Consultation Fee $250
3) Gas and Hotel ( Orlando to Miaimi )

I apprecaite any help and your support is always very appreciated. I have decided to document my jeourney extensively and will share it on my blog to help girls like myself who are going through this same issue.

PLEASE DONATE HERE: http://www. gofundme .com/9c2qpg ( Copy and remove spaces when pasting it into your browser )

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